Thursday, May 21, 2009

NBA finals

Who do think is gonna take it all.

LA Lakers, Orlando Magic, Cleavland or Denver?

My team Boston Celtics are out so I would go with the LA lakers

Who's your team and why?

New York city black car industry drivers.

I interviewed Ken form my work place Valera global.
Valera Global is a limo company operating out of Long Island City, Queens.
Ken had been a driver for 5 years, he was offered a positing in customer relations and chauffeur training. He has been working in the office for the past 2 years.

1) What are the major changes that you have seen in the attitudes and behaviors of the chauffeurs, since the economy has changed?

2) What effects do you think the current economy has on the black car industry?

3) Which job position takes a greater toll on you, being a driver or working in the office?

4) Which job position affected the relations with your family the most and how?

5) which job position did you enjoy more and why?

My focus is on emotional and physical labor also status. I know its allot but i can't help it

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Kicks

I love sports, I love sneakers all kinds of sneakers. I know I'm not the only one, almost everyone at school owns a pair or two. Just like the film Mardi Gras Made in China we have a simular situation. Sneaker sweat shop workers, in foreign countries make very little money and work in horrible conditions. This is just another way we are connected to the issues seen in the Mardi Gras film and in the book Love and Gold.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This song by reggae artist Barrington Levy, sings about the importance of work. He tell that everyone should have a job and work hard at it. He speaks to the youth telling them, that being idle and not doing anything with their live will have consequences. There is a verse that says " need to have some ambition keep your spirit alive, don't go making excuses just get out there and try." Sometimes I just dont feel like working, this some encourages me and let me know that the results of work are sweet. Check it out

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gender and work

Growing up I always noticed that the men in my family and around me did most of the work, which involved allot of physical labour. The women on the other hand the women did physical work but nothing near as intense as what the men did. At some point in my life I did believe that a woman's role was to take care of the house and children. Gender has played a part in shaping my goals. Men have always been looked at the head of the family, the one who has to provide. This affects the type of job I search and the amount I desire.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What struck me the most in the book, was that almost everyone was more concerned with the status of their jobs rather than the quality of work they were putting out. Sometimes good quality work can also boost your status. eg. If the prostitute had wine pon de bodie hed a little harder and balance pon she head top. Then maybe one of the high level guys, might have given he a permanent job.
Work today has lost alot of it's meaning, unless you really love your job or you getting paid really good, no one is giving 100% only to be treated like used toilet paper. Everyone is over worked, underpaid and looking foward to the weekends. Nothing is like it use to be, maybe if someone cared about the average working then the he might care about work a little more. Then maybe we can back to the days when productivity, quality and fair wages existed in the work place.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A day working

My day usually starts very early about 5 am, I wake up ,"wipe the cold out my eye, see who's this paging me and why"LOL. On a serious note I wake and give thanks and parises to the most high for another day. I then take a bath, put on my three peace,have some breakfast and jump in my Lincon town car and head to the city. There's no telling what my day will be like, sometimes it's slow, and sometimes I cant even get a chance to eat something. I navigate the tri-state area taking clients to and from their destinations. My job is very exciting I get to see and know NYC very well, i hate saying put this is why i like this job. A good job to me is something you have fun doing while earning money. Yes it's all about the benjamins and having fun getting it.

If you feel me, or want to add something feel free to post.